A multimedia music action

The World Premiere of the multimedia music action composed by Andrea Molino and created by Fabrica Musica and the Brisbane Festival has been first presented on 22 July 2006 at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane as part of the Brisbane Festival program.
On October 18, 2006 the production had its European Premiere in the Centre Pompidou (Grande Salle). The most successful event was a part of Fabrica: lex yeux ouverts, an exhibition in the Centre Pompidou; Andrea Molino was the artistic director for the music programme of this event.

Andrea Molino has also been the conductor of both performances, involving The Queensland Orchestra as well as the Australian percussion group TaikOz and Fabrica's young artists from the different fields of art and communication. The Brisbane festival's artistic director Lyndon Terracini was the stage director.

'In language, in the media, there's a perception of cultural categories, of winners and losers,' Molino said in an interview about his project. 'It seems to be natural. But I started finding contradictions and I started posing questions.', says Molino.

WINNERS explores the culture of victory – the common political and social tendency to categorize people, nations, cultures and human issues as winners and losers. This theme is expressed through the intimate, personal recounts from the victims of five locations who witnessed catastrophic events of conflict, attack and senseless violence (New York, USA; Sharpeville, Johannesburg, South Africa; Dresden, Germany; Ayutthaya, Thailand; Maralinga, Australia), as well as through the contributions of people who are suffering from an illness with a fatal prognosis.

'I don't want to give people answers, I want to create confusion'.

In this aim, WINNERS uses all possibilities of a huge orchestra, soloists, and all up-to-date contemporary music and video technologies up to real time interaction between protagonists and musicians from different nationalities, cultures and places.

The development and use of avant-garde communication technologies form a particularly important part of the WINNERS project.

Click here for a dvd documentation of the project: Videos-Composer

The score is published by RAI trade, Rome.