PGD [Presence Generation Devices]

written: 2022
instrumentation: chamber ensemble
duration: variable
commission: Festival Nuova Consonanza
World Premiere: Rome, December 3, 2022 (Festival Nuova Consonanza)
The 'PGD [Presence Generation Devices]' are, so to speak, the 'tools' thanks to which every moment of the evening will be populated with sound, starting from the entrance of the first audience member into the building until the end of the programme; including all the transitions between the different pieces and the movements between the spaces in which the musicians will move. These 'presence generators' ('presence' is, in technical jargon, the ambient noise of a space), conceived specifically for this particular evening and this particular venue, will precisely make possible, with extreme, almost subliminal delicacy, one of the main narrative features of the evening: the performance of the concert in a single, seamless flow.